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Partners of the Cappadocia Balloon Festival are considered to sponsor financially for the organization of the event.

In exchange, the partners will receive a participation in the event. Every partner will have his own flight dedicated to the company of the partner.

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This event will be held in the near future with balloon teams participating from all over the world. Up to now, we already had more than 40 inquiries from balloon teams who are willing to enter our balloon event. Even, already 6 balloon teams have replied to come with their “Special Shaped” balloons. These balloons are different than the normal balloons you often see. They have all different shapes, from animals to containers, over cars to buildings. The most incredible shapes will attend at our balloon festival.

While we operated different events so far that was organized by our Turkey Travel Agency also offering assistance for Getting Married in Turkey and Lifetime Experiences Around The World, this is the first time, such an event will be organized and we would be honored if you would like to participate with your company as a presenting sponsor.

The meeting will be organized with the highest standards of organizing, and of course, will be held annually.

Kapadokya is for sure one of the best places on earth to fly hot air balloons because of its “lunar landscape” and perfect weather conditions every day. This makes ballooning extreme exciting in this area.

The event is full of surprises. Competitions for pilots and teams will be held, daily tours will be organized. If your company is suitable for such a tour, we will be happy to integrate it in our program and bring you some extra costumes!

The event is scheduled for 7 days including 1 flight in the early morning. Being a sponsor you will have your own “sponsor day”, and on this day, you can send your best costumes for a spectacular balloon flight with one of the participating teams. You will also be invited to our Gala Dinner and Prizegiving on Sunday, the last day of the event.


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Sub sponsors can also sponsor our excursions organized for the balloon teams. Every day an excursion is planned. Cultural visits (like museums, underground cities) and Handcraft visits (shops) are on the program.

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Also our Gala dinner can be sponsored by your company, including VIP tickets for your company. If you want to participate as a sub – sponsor, we will make you a “custom made” quotation.

Some Of Our Vendors
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Sponsor brands of the Cappadocia Balloon Festival will be announced here as soon as the event is planned and updated. Following brands are just SAMPLE.

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